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Cleaning Fenders

Why do we need to clean our fenders?


Let’s face it, a dirty fender is sore on the eye and takes the look away from your boat. Dirty fenders can actually end up scratching and damaging your boat as well. This is a result of dirt and mildew build up gathered over time.


You spend a lot of time and money on your boat, so why not take pride in making it look beautiful! It would be a shame to pull up to the dock in a beautiful boat with some worn and stained fenders.


How to clean your fenders


Ok, so I am going to go through the process I use when cleaning my fenders.


  1. Get a stiff hand brush and scrub some soap on them to remove some of the builds upon them.
  2. After a good scrub, use the pressure washer on them to blast off that dirt.
  3. Now, this last tip not many people know about. Rub Pro Plex cleaner and polish on them to remove any marks and give it a shiny finish. This will help your fenders look good as new.


One thing to NEVER do is use any spirits or thinning products as this could disrupt the plastics finish in some way. Also never paint a fender as it will not stick to the fender properly and begin to rub off onto your boat.


Sometimes even with all these cleaning processes, you might be better just buying new fenders if they are too far gone. This may involve the fenders letting out the air or even just way too stained and uncleanable.




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