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Yes… Size Matters!

One of the main questions we get asked all the time by our amazing customers is: 

“What size of fenders do I need for my boat?”

This is a great question, as the fender size must be compatible with your boat. As such, our team have devised a list of things to consider before purchasing a specific fender size.

Important factors to consider:

  1. The main factor for determining the fender size is the size of your boat (table provided below).
  2. What climate do you commonly moor? (Is the marina calm enough for smaller fenders?)
  3. What size of fender do you currently use and are they providing optimised performance?
  4. Can these fenders be easily stored on the boat?

Size Guide by Boat Length

  • PM01 –   10-16′
  • PM02 –   17-22′
  • PM03 –   23-26′
  • PM04 –   26-36′
  • PM05 –   36-42′
  • PM06 –   26-36′ or 36-42′
  • PM07 –   42-59′
  • PM07 –   60’+

*We always recommend going for the biggest fender size possible for your boat as they provide the most protection and are cheaper than repairing a damaged boat.

You can filter our boat fenders by size to ensure you select the right size!




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