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The Importance of Fender Rope

It will come as no surprise to you that we consider boat fenders to be one of the most important insurance decisions you can make on behalf of your boat. Given that, our Hurricane fenders are made from marine grade PVC to ensure your boats safeguard against impact with foreign objects. As such, fender rope is equally as important as it used to attach your fenders to your boat. 

Fender rope is available in many colours and sizes depending on the brand and purpose of the rope. The most common size thickness of fender ripe is 6mm & 8mm to ensure it fits through the eye of the fender. Additionally, traditional fender rope colours include white, black and navy. However, the rope can colour matched to suit the requirements of your boat.

Facts to note:

  1. Attaching fender rope is straightforward.
  2. Rope can be purchased pre-sliced so that it can be easily attached to your fenders.
  3. The most common material used is polyester as its tough and durable.

Take the worry out of purchasing fender shopping – Receive FREE 8mm fender rope with each Hurricane fender purchased!

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