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Down & Dirty: Boat Cleaning

When it comes to boat cleaning, it is easy to assume that the most productive way to maintain a clean and sanitary boat is with time and effort using the best products available on the market. However, what if we told you that there was an easier way? 

Simply put, the best way to ensure that you’re boat remains in the best condition possible is with consistent cleaning – it’s no secret that a vessel that has been left unattended will quickly accumulate grime and mildew. Whereas one that has received regular care will do better at repelling grot.

There is a lesson to be learned as it is important to note that if you remain on top of cleaning duties, then cleaning won’t become an overwhelming task. Furthermore, the performance benefits of a clean vessel also can’t be understated, as it will travel through the water faster with less resistance. As such, you could find yourself saving a fortune on fuel! 

Deck Cleaning

The deck is one of the most easily accessible areas of a boat for routine cleaning. The fibreglass and coated decking can be treated with a power washer or a stiff-bristled brush. However, this might not be suitable for softer materials that may require a more delicate approach. We recommend using a sponge to avoid damaging varnished wood and windows.

Rope Cleaning

As we have previously mentioned before, taking care of your rope is essential (find our article on Fender Rope). They can become stiff and uncooperative the longer it is exposed to seawater. However, this can be prevented by regularly cleaning your rope using clean water. If the rope requires a deeper clean, we would recommend the use of warm soapy water – this can help bring your old tired rope back to life. rope 

Interior Boat Cleaning

The best way to guarantee that the interior of your boat remains clean is by keeping it dry. You can achieve this by implementing a dehumidifier or good ventilation throughout the vessel. Ventilation is easier to manage for boats that are situated on a swinging mooring. However, pontoon mooring boats may struggle in this regard. Though a lot can be with solar-powered vents placed on either end of the vessel to create suitable airflow.

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