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Top Tips: Sailing with Children

Boating holidays can be an exciting way to travel to new destinations, especially when travelling with children. Sailing provides a feeling of exploration and wonder, which makes it the perfect family vacation idea. However, with this newfound excitement comes responsibility.

Bringing children onboard can often come with a lot of stress, but really sailing with children can be really enjoyable and fulfilling when the correct precautions have been taken.

That’s why we highly suggest teaching children about sailing etiquette and the dangers of the ocean from an early age. However, we are aware that children are prone to becoming bored, especially when they are unable to move around as much. As such, learning about these responsibilities should be an interactive and joyful experience.

We have provided 3 key areas you should focus on to ensure smooth sailing during your next boating holiday:

Safety and Security

The most important issue when sailing with children is safety. We advise that multiple measures are in place to ensure children can have fun but remains safe.

The first precaution to take is to ensure that the boat has a safety net installed. This type of netting can be fixed to the boat’s railings and helps protect children and pets from falling overboard.

Secondly, it should be mandatory that all children wear life jackets when on the deck. Regardless of whether the child can swim, lifejackets are essential. As such, we advise that a crew list be prepared in advance. This will ensure that the owner of the boat can prepare enough lifejackets before the journey begins.

Motion Sickness

Seasickness is a feeling of nausea that children and adults suffer from spending time on a boat. Given this, children should remain on deck to ensure they are breathing fresh air and can focus on a stationary object.

We also recommend that children don’t sail on an empty stomach. An empty stomach can make them more prone to terrestrial motion sickness. Additionally, it would be wise to bring anti-nausea drugs or acupressure bands.


Ideally, children should have friends when sailing as this will keep them preoccupied. If this is achievable, then a sufficient amount of toys and water sports equipment is advised.

Toy Tips: Favourite toys, video games, colouring book, tablet, reading materials.

Water Sports Tips: Kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, inflatables.

We understand that sailing with children can feel like a daunting task, but we hope that we have provided enough ideas and suggestions to keep them safe and help manage the stress. Ultimately, it is all about preparation and now that you are, go and have fun!

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