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The Dangers of Dirty Fenders

It’s no secret that boat owners take exceptional pride in ensuring their boat remains in perfect condition. However, the easiest way to spoil the appearance of your boat is with poorly kept fenders. By keeping your fenders clean, you not only keep your reputation intact but also ensure your boat is safe and protected.

Keeping Fenders Clean

Grime and dirt can gradually build up on the surface of your fenders due to years of exposure to the natural elements. Build-ups like these can then smear across the hull of your boat. That’s why unkept fenders aren’t just aesthetically unpleasing but can damage the property of your ship. 

Tips for Preventing Grime Build-Up

Boat fenders take a beating so that your boat doesn’t need to, so it’s no surprise that after a while, your fenders will begin to show signs of ageing. However, maintaining your boat fenders will help prolong their longevity and help keep your boat safe for longer. 

Tips to remember: 

Clean your fenders regularly: Prevent the build-up of grime and dirt by scrubbing and spraying your fenders as often as possible (ideally after each use). 

Keep dry as often as possible: Most dirt and grime build-up cases result from fenders left in the water for too long. Keeping your fenders out of the water as often as possible can prevent this.

Dry fenders before storage: Reduce mildew growth by ensuring that each fender is completely dry after being sprayed and scrubbed for storage.

Should I Purchase Fender Socks? 

Fender Socks can be a cost-effective way of extending the life of your boat fenders as they provide additional protection. They can also help give a facelift to older and more worn fenders by hiding ageing scuffs and stains. 

However, it would be best to wash your fender socks as often as possible to ensure they remain clean and remove any build-up caused by regular use.

Should I Replace My Boat Fenders? 

Replacing boat fenders can be a hassle, especially if you are struggling to find the perfect size and colour that best suit your boat. But even the best well-kept fenders can only take so much abuse. Make sure your boat fenders are still working correctly by performing checks on them throughout the year. 

Don’t leave your boat to fend for itself with poorly kept boat fenders. If your fenders no longer hold air or show excessive wear signs, be on the safe side and replace them.

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